Your chocolates were so wonderfully decadent. Thank you for the opportunity to indulge.


Absolutely loved it.  I told her I would tell her all about it when we are back to work next week.  Thank you again for everything.


Carrie Ann, the chocolates were awesome.  They only lasted 2 days, but then at least you know they were eaten while they were fresh!  My brother Rick generously cut the oreos in half so several of the family members got to try them, including me.  I got to try one of the peanut butter ones!  Everyone loved the sports theme, which went perfectly with the sports memorabilia from his younger days of playing golf, hockey, wrestling, and baseball.  We insisted he keep the cherries for himself but a few of those went down in quick succession!  Thanks for providing a gift that delighted the recipient as well as many others.

Bobbie Muir

I have only one phrase to describe Camie’s Candies – “Edible Art.”  Looks fantastic and tastes incredible.

Ralph Klicker

I was bowled over by CarrieAnne’s enthusiasm and excitement as she described what she could do for my wedding.  And boy, did she deliver everything she promised!

Joan Liddle